October 3, 2017 | Hispanic Heritage Month: Talaya Trigueros Talks With Dr. Miguel Gallardo

“We are doing our job when our students are prepared to address a multicultural society’s needs in culturally consistent ways.”



April 2, 2017 | VNCOC thuyết trình ‘Giảm sự kỳ thị về bệnh tâm lý trong cộng đồng’

“Chính vì sự ngăn cách trẻ, già trong cộng đồng nên đã phát sinh những bệnh trầm cảm, căng thẳng, cho nhiều vị cao niên, đồng thời cũng tạo ra sự kỳ thị trong giới trẻ với thế hệ cao niên. Phải tìm ra nguyên nhân để khắc phục, đó là mục đích của các buổi thuyết trình do hội mở ra thường xuyên để tạo cơ hội cho người trẻ, người lớn tuổi cùng hiểu nhau và thông cảm cho nhau,” cô nói thêm.”



September 7, 2016 | ‘I Was Too Proud to Ask For Help,’ Vietnamese Immigrant Says of Her Struggle With Mental Illness

“We had no home, no family here for moral support,” she said. “We both suffered from depression.”



August 27, 2016 | O.C. Family’s Experience Helps Korean Americans Change Mindset About Mental Illness

“‘I was in denial that my son, the brilliant student, so full of potential … was actually mentally ill.'”



Center for Health Journalism | The Stigma That Shrouds Mental Illness in Orange County’s Ethnic Communities

Photo: Ana Venegas / OC Register

“As I started covering ethnic communities in Orange County, Calif., I realized that it was common for those with mental illnesses to be stigmatized in these populations as well. While people had sympathy for those suffering from physical ailments, the same sentiment did not translate to someone suffering from a mental illness.”



December 30, 2015 | The ‘S’ Word: Can The Arts Redduce Mental Health Stigma?

“Artistic expression of thoughts, emotions, and attitudes through a variety of mediums provides the general public with the opportunity to view mental health issues through a consumer perspective in an effort to counteract stereotypes, dispel prejudice, discrimination, and negative attitudes contributing to the stigma.”



June 23, 2015 | Performing, Visual Arts Help O.C.’s Ethnic Groups Address Mental Illness

“‘There’s something about art in general and drumming in particular, that is so fun and allows for expression of emotion,” she said. “It was a communal experience and a safe and positive way to talk about mental illness.'”



June 24, 2013 | Multiethnic Arts Festival Fights Stigma of Mental Health Issues

“This is about helping individuals express themselves through an artistic medium and help them get in touch with things they may be experiencing.”



December 17, 2012 | O.C. Man Reappointed to Board of Psychology

“‘This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100. Gallardo is a Democrat.'”