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Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Art Center (OCCTAC) is a community- based organization committed to providing access to services for all families either impacted by physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional disabilities, or that are at risk. OCCTAC’s mission is to provide innovative, artistic, educational, and therapeutic programs that transform and inspire children, at-risk youth, and families to fulfill their highest potential in life. They have been providing services for the past 15 years to low-income families in Santa Ana and Orange County with special focus on individuals with disabilities, from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The majority of the families they serve are Latino, monolingual and low-income immigrants. OCCTAC has been very successful in reaching out to underserved communities that are not seeking traditional therapeutic services due to cultural and linguistic factors. Their success is based on their knowledge, experience and expertise in working with Latino families. The staff is bilingual/ bicultural and it’s committed to meet the needs of the Latino community.

OCCTAC is a place where emotion is in motion. The ARTS center is the first and only organization in Orange County offering unique programming that combines the arts, academics and creative therapies to help youth realize their highest potential. OCCTAC offers a high-quality, comprehensive and multicultural curriculum that prioritizes on empowering children and youth of limited resources, from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The foundation of the organization rests with committed and compassionate board members, staff and teachers, who are talented artists, musicians, educators and therapists. Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Art Center’s community center is a “safe-haven” for many isolated Latino families.

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Orange County Children’s Therapeutic Arts Center
2215 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92607 | 714.547.5468