MECCA’s Programs & Campaigns are an embodiment of MECCA’s mission and vision.

MECCA Programs specialize in accessing and serving underserved or hard-to-reach individuals and communities and, as a collaborative, MECCA relies on the credibility and strength of its member agencies who have been serving communities across the county for decades. MECCA’s Programs are designed to facilitate cultural integration and wellness for underserved ethnic communities facing barriers (whether linguistic, cultural, economic or otherwise) in accessing services. The power of the collaborative is evidenced by the ability to reach underserved populations on a scale that has never been done before.

MECCA’s Campaigns are policy and advocacy initiatives which bring MECCA’s experiences from the community front-lines to state and national stakeholder meetings. MECCA’s Campaigns are a powerful tool in bringing a unified voice to advocate for policy-makers to frame mental health and social service issues in a manner that is relevant and representative of underserved communities. MECCA’s Campaigns are designed to join state and national movements to reduce ethnic disparities and disproportionalities.

MECCA’s programs are funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention and Innovations Divisions, Mental Health Services Act/Prop. 63.