MECCA’s Training Programs are designed to share MECCA’s expertise in cultural competency with fellow community leaders.

MECCA has worked with both the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Pacific Clinics in translating their peer mentoring programs into the threshold languages of Orange County and in ensuring the cultural competency of these programs. Through the Pacific Clinics Workforce Training Program, MECCA implemented the peer to peer training of multi-ethnic consumers and graduated hundreds of culturally competent peer mentors. MECCA was also the cultural consultant for the Recovery Education Institute, translating training materials, educational resources and facilitating workshops for ethnic students of the Institute.

MECCA recently developed and is currently implementing a pilot innovative training program to connect Religious Leaders and Faith Based Organizations to the mental health movement. This program is the Religious Leaders Behavioral Health Training Services funded by Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Innovations (INN).

The Religious Leaders Behavioral Health Training Services program provides basic behavioral health training to religious leaders from a variety of faith-based organizations and religious establishments throughout Orange County. Trained religious leaders, in turn, provide behavioral health skills trainings to congregants and community members. This type of train-the-trainer model is expected to increase education about behavioral health and increase access to behavioral health services and supports.

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